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I've been a paper artist and bookbinder for over 25 years; fromally starting my business - Paper Wasp Designs - in 1990. I am almost completely self taught quite literally taking books and photo albums apart to see how they were constructed. Because of this I often work outside of the traditional tools of bookbinding, making what I need as I go along. (My dad is thrilled, he says I have his engineering gene). My process and my inspiration always starts with the paper itself. The beauty and variety never fails to knock me out. Whether it's meticulous Japanese silkscreens, opulent Italian Florentines, or the wildly beautiful hadn marbled papers from artists like Ingrid Butler and Galen Berry, to name just a few. Each paper has it's own particular qualities; color, texture, light permeability, weight and tensile strength.

Few things please me more than using a cool new paper in a manner that showcases it's unique qualities. I'm so lucky to work with the object of my obsession!

The elements of bookbinding and the related paper arts really appeal to me. The precision required, the process, the paper itself, and the end result- a beautiful and useful object- are all deeply satisfying to me. Please remember that water and sunlight are the mortal enemies of paper, and treat your piece accordingly. Enjoy!

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