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Dev Bennett studied Comparative Literature at Brown University, but discovered metalworking at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Her studio is located in the Joy Street Studios building just outside Boston in Somerville, MA.

She is inspired by the austere sensibility of modern sculpture, with many of her pieces exploring the idea of accumulation. Rather than sketch, she prefers to fabricate several small components and hold them against one another to better understand the shape and form of her work. A favorite method begins with a single element (a piece of square wire, or a rectangle, cut and folded) and progresses through iterations in number and configuration. The end result is increasingly complex forms all closely related to the beginning. The work is intended to relate to the wearer and her style, rather than to her wardrobe or a conventional femininity.

She currently uses only low-tarnish sterling silver or fine silver in her designs. She uses a natural patina (oxidation) to provide contrast and depth, along with various brushes and finishes to provide texture and glow, rather than shine.

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