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Kiln-fired glass is an ancient glass-forming technique that is enjoying a resurgence int he fine arts and crafts movement today. All the items produced at Shepardson Studios are created by cutting and piecing together various colors of sheet glass. Cutting is done by hand, giving each piece its own hand-crafted look, and then these pieces are assembled and fused together in our kilns. Many of the pieces then require a second firing to shape the piece into a 3-dimensional form, such as a plate or bowl.

Most of our pieces feature an iridized surface, which is permanent. This finish is safe for food, but placing extremely hot foods onto the dishes should be avoided. Hand-washing is recommended, and they should not go into a microwave.

Marianne Shepardson, the owner and designer at Shepardson Studios, has been working with glass for over 10 years. Prior to her life in glass she was a woodworker, interior designer, architectural designer, and professional cook. She likes glass the best so far.

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