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I made my first quilt as a present for my mother's 50th birthday. I began my quilt making career with plenty of visual ideas but no formal training. I was influenced by traditional patterns but invited my own variations and techniques for dealing with scale, geometry, and materials. These materials have included old clothing, color copies, and autumn leaves hand-dipped in polyurethane! Currently I use mostly hand-dyed cotton fabrics. The dying process creates a "visual texture" to the fabric while making the color choices nearly unlimited. My works are pieced on an old but sturdy industrial sewing machine, with all tying and quilting done by hand.

Music (all kinds) and the surrounding countryside provide me with inspiration for my work. To me color is the most important aspect of quilt making, and my use of color comes largely from a habit of breaking the rules of color theory that i learned in art school. I also have a fascination with science. I like toe tart with a scientific concept (which I may not really understand), bend it a little, and use it as a metaphor for a visual idea.

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