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Seegers and Fein Glass is the union of husband and wife, Richard Seegers and Donna Fein, their ideas and interests. Since 1986 they have been combining traditional and innovative glassblowing techniques to produce unique, exciting works in glass in their studio in the Finger Lakes region of New York State.

Donna's experience with hot glass began in 1972 with courses at craft schools, which led to her working for several other glassblowers in the next ten years. Her enthusiasm for the medium rubbed off on Rich, who she encouraged and taught the craft. Rich's background as a biochemical researcher has been an invaluable asset both to building their studio and in formulating uniquely colored glasses.

Their current production line of paper weights, vases, and perfume bottles contain motifs suggestive of undersea or celestial images. Colored bubbles and ethereal veils are swirled together into intricate, interior patterns. Seegers and Fein formulate their own colored glasses by dissolving varying quantities of metal oxides into each glass melt.

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