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I discovered a love of working with Metals and Enamels while studying at the Cleveland Institute of Art. After graduating with a BFA, I moved to the Boston area and have been pursuing a career as an artist/studio jeweler. My work explores color, texture and patterns found in the outdoor landscape…..skies, rocks and horizons are frequent ideas. I am also a plein air painter, which allows me to observe the constantly changing color and light in the landscape.

Rich color in my enamels is achieved by firing many layers of thin glass onto metal….each piece may take up to 20 or more firings. I often etch or pattern the metal so that it glows beneath a transparent enamel and sometimes float 24kt gold or pure silver between layers of enamel. I enjoy working in a series and exploring many of the infinite color variations that are possible in enamel.

The metals used in my jewelry are Sterling and Fine Silver, Bronze, Brass and Copper. The earwires on earrings are always Sterling Silver, 14kt goldfilled or Niobium.

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