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Sparks Design is a collaborative effort between husband and wife, Roger and Roseann Sparks. Roger creates all the original images and Rosie turns those images into nightlights, Christmas Ornaments and Christmas Jewelry,

The Christmas Ornaments, nightlights and jewelry start with an orginal black and white drawing by Roger. That drawing is then transferred to a heat sensitive plastic and hand colored by Rosie. It is then cut out and placed in a 300 degree oven where it shrinks to approx. 40% of its' orignal size. After the shrinking process, Rosie then turns it into a nightlight, ornament or piece of jewelry.

Roger Sparks is an architect and fine artist residing in Birmingham, AL with his wife Rosie, a full time artist. Through their work they try to share their delight in the natural and imagined elements of the visual world.

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