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All my life I have been fascinated by the importance of communication. I spent my first career specializing in how to communicate in a second language (French teacher) and another specializing in communication in the business world (PR and marketing management). In 2001 I began a third career exploring yet another form of communication—ART.

I cannot remember a time in my life when I wasn’t drawing or painting – or wishing I were. I believe that art is a unique way to touch another human being on a non-intellectual level. I work in a variety of media, currently with an emphasis on oil and watercolor. My subject matter is diverse -- faces, figures, quirky still lives, animals, landscapes – whatever intrigues me enough that I want to reveal something about it. My primary goal is to capture the spirit of my subject or to create a mood -- elicit an emotional response in the observer. I am a native Californian and currently live in the Russian River wine country north of San Francisco. For the past several years, I have been studying with San Francisco and California North Bay Area painters such as Maurice Lapp, Lisa Beernsten, Philip Buller, Michael Loffredo, Robert Dvorak, and Don Feasel.

Since I was a student at the University of Bordeaux in the 1960s, I have also found inspiration in all things French—particularly the villages and countryside of Provence, as well as the lives and work of a variety of painters, including Toulouse Lautrec, fauvists Denis and Vuillard, Degas, Matisse. I like to work on a variety of other themes as well, with my favorite currently being animals with “attitude”, landscapes exploring the play of light, Vietnam, and a series of “crone” paintings that invite people to see women over 50 as so much more than “withered old women” (per Webster).

My work has been sold to collectors throughout the United States as well as France.

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