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20 years ago, Maryann Ryan came home from college with nothing to do. She went to the store, bought a lot of fabric and made a quilt in one weekend. That was more than 1,500 quilts ago. Today she is a professional quilt maker who specializes in a quilting pattern called Bargello. This technique began in Europe in the 13th century as needlepoint embroidery. The stitches are worked parallel to the grain of the fabric. Stitches are straight and worked up or down from the previous stitch, creating a pattern. Bargello quilting imitates this needlework tradition. Bargellos are wonderful ebbing and flowing bands of rich color that advance across a piece in an unending line. Maryann currently applies this Bargello technique to table runners and various sizes of wall hangings, in addition to bed size quilts. A self taught quilter, Maryann enjoys constructing her quilts as well as designing them. In the future she aspires to author a book of original quilt patterns. Her work can be found at The Cambridge Artist Co-Operative in Harvard Square year round.

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